Kira Shunkou (02/20/2021)


Kira Shunkou(twitter) is one of the most impress visual artists working today. A master of abstract, fierce and expressive paintings. Using stylings of so called ‘non-professional artists’ her unique work is powerful. She’s had a couple exhibitions and performances as well and I’m very excited to see where she goes in the future.

This interview was difficult at first, there was no translator present and so we machine translated each other. However, Kira was patient and thoughtful towards me and we eventually got a spry back-and-forth.


UFOSHOCK (12/07/20)


UFOSHOCK (twitter) is a captivating visual artist. They create surreal, hyperrealist  paintings of amalgamate anime creatures of every form imaginable. Their work has intrigued me for a couple years now, so I knew I had to interview them:

UFOSHOCK was a really great interview subject, they are courteous, and passionate about their craft.

UFOSHOCK, New Icon, 2020


PIROPITO (10/15/20 – 10/31 / 20)


PiroPito (twitter, youtube) is another visual artist who creates terrifying videos on YouTube. Part creepypasta and enigmatic horror wizard, PiroPito’s work is impressive and homebrewed, he dabbles with stop motion, set design, and most recently video game development.

PiroPito was extremely kind and patient. Since PiroPito is Japanese, and I couldn’t speak Japanese yet, I had a friend help me translate questions and translate back the answers. While PiroPito wasn’t available for more than 4 questions, he answered them well and hopefully I will have the chance for a more extensive interview in the future.

PiroPito’s profile picture on YouTube and Twitter, 2020




DSG (twitter, website) is a 10 piece band made of close friends who make music and art together. Their first and only album (as of writing this) is The Stupid Zone, a collection of tracks each one is exciting, funny as hell and futuristic as the last. It’s still my favorite album of 2020!

I interviewed 7/10ths of DSG through discord, recorded it, and edited it together, releasing it on YouTube. I am happy to say that they were lovely to talk to and have been nothing but super encouraging and inspired people.

DSG’s profile picture on Twitter as of 2020


KIKUO (9/22/19)


Kikuo ( twitter, youtube) is probably the best vocaloid music producer working today. His music is sensational and immersive. Textured and diverse in influence, Kikuo’s work is so forward thinking, you could easily think it is from the future.

With the help of the Kikuo fan discord, multiple people translated my questions and Kikuo’s answers  in real time. I didn’t speak Japanese very well and Kikuo didn’t speak English very well. Bridging the language barrier in real-time was a life changing experience. It felt unfiltered as if it didn’t exist in the first place. I was also able to ask this musician many thorough questions, I used this information to help write my series on Kikuo that I’ve only started releasing recently. Even though this was my first interview, I knew I had to do more.

Kikuo’s profile picture on Twitter and YouTube as of 2020